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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that all of us experience in our daily lives, for example, when we become absorbed in an enjoyable book or film and we don’t hear someone calling to us.  This is because our attention is very focused on the book or film; hypnosis is a physical and mental state of highly focused concentration. 

Hypnotherapy uses this natural process to focus your attention, which allows the therapist working with you to utilise your unconscious mind to achieve your goals and make the positive changes you wish to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, by making suggestions. 


Will I lose control?

You will be in control throughout your treatment; your mind will be focused and your goals will be my goals when I work with you.  Hypnotherapy is a collaboration between myself, as a therapist, and you, as the client.  

Hypnotherapy is NOT like a Hypnosis stage show, which is for entertainment.  You will be treated with utmost respect and care.

In addition:

  • You can not become ‘stuck’ in hypnosis, just in the way that you can not become ‘stuck’ reading a book or watching a film.  However, you may wish for it to continue longer due to the process often being relaxing and enjoyable!

  • You are not asleep during the treatment

  • You are not unconscious during the treatment


What happens in a session?

  • You will be warmly welcomed into my clinic

  • We will discuss and agree what you want to achieve

  • I will gather general information, symptoms etc

  • Sessions last approximately an hour

  • You will have opportunities for any questions you may have to ensure that you can be comfortable and confident with me and with the approaches we will use when we work together


Can anyone be hypnotised?

Please see ‘What is hypnosis?’.  Hypnosis is not mind control and you can enter into hypnosis if you wish, but you can also choose not to do so.  Some people are more able to enter into hypnosis than others, however, the vast majority of people are able to enter into this process and benefit from it on some level. 

Is hypnotherapy regulated?

Hypnotherapists are not currently regulated within the UK, therefore there are no laws specifying the level of training and experience required to practice hypnotherapy with clients. 

There are, however, voluntary professional bodies that hypnotherapists can join voluntarily.  I am a member of BSCAH (British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis).  

I am a registered Psychologist and this profession IS regulated within the UK.  Therefore I adhere to the boundaries and ethics as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, as I do as a practising, Registered Psychologist, set out by HCPC (Health Care and Professions Council). 

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