Contact me:

Initial telephone consultation (up to 20 minutes)                                                              Free


Clinical Hypnotherapy session (60 minutes)                                                                         £60


3 session package

Book 3 sessions and pay in advance and receive a discount of £20                                   £160

Smoking Cessation package (90 – 120 minutes)                                                                 £180


Hypno-relax (60 minutes)                                                                                                            £45


Guided visualisation/Meditation/Mindfulness (60 minutes)                                            £45


Please note that the fees reflect not only the face to face time with you, but also the research and preparation work I will undertake prior to the session to ensure that you receive the best possible service.


Methods of Payment

Payments can be made by cash or card at the end of the session.

Packages of sessions must be paid in advance at the end of the first session in order to receive the reduced fee.


Cancellation Policy Fees

Cancellation more than 5 days’ notice (No charge)

Cancellation less than 5 days’ notice  (£20)

Cancellation less than 48 hours notice   (£40)

Of course, every attempt will be made to re-arrange appointments that need to be cancelled for genuine reasons. 

Available Services