Self Esteem/Self Confidence

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Help for Self Confidence in: Stourbridge, Hagley, Quinton

How it feels

Low self esteem/confidence can hold us back from making decisions, taking actions and moving forward in our lives.  It leads us to focus on negatives and overlook or underestimate our skills, knowledge and abilities.  It impact on our relationships, our work and undermines our capacity to enjoy our daily lives.  You may not go for that better job, because you don’t think you can get it or don’t think you deserve it, or you may not volunteer or put yourself forward because you may worry that you will look foolish.  Over time, this can leave us feeling lonely and helpless.

How Central Psychology and Hypnotherapy can help you

I use a range of approaches to rebuild your self esteem and confidence to address all issues (conscious and unconscious) contributing to your difficulties.

You will:

  • Learn relaxation techniques

  • Hypnotherapy approaches

  • Address negative thinking patterns

  • Goal setting for change


The best treatment approach

My treatment approach draws upon all aspects of self esteem/confidence, and with your agreement and commitment, the underlying issues will be addressed, leaving you free to enjoy your life going forward.  The NHS advice includes addressing problematic thinking patterns and associated behaviours, which is a key aspect of my approach. 


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